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At Garden Veranda Specialists, we believe that a garden veranda is more than just an addition to your home.

Our team, comprised of seasoned professionals, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that is unparalleled in the industry.

We don’t just build glass verandas everywhere; we craft bespoke outdoor spaces tailored to your unique lifestyle and preferences.

Our verandas are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing, stylish and durable, ensuring they stand the test of time and elements.

At Garden Veranda Specialists, we offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality or design. We provide clear, upfront costings, ensuring there are no surprises along the way.

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Garden Veranda Types We Offer

We offer a range of garden verandas to suit your every need, these include:

Bespoke Garden Veranda

A Bespoke Garden Veranda refers to a custom-designed veranda or covered outdoor area that is tailored to fit a specific garden or outdoor space.

The term “bespoke” indicates that it’s made-to-order, offering unique features and designs that reflect the owner’s taste and the specific needs of the space.

Glass Verandas

Glass Verandas is a type of outdoor structure commonly used in residential gardens.

It typically consists of a roofed area, similar to a veranda, but it is characterised by its extensive use of glass rooms.

This elegant modern design also allows for ample natural light and provides a clear view of the surrounding garden.

The glass components can include the roofing, walls, or both, depending on the design.

Polycarbonate Garden Veranda

A polycarbonate garden veranda is a polycarbonate type construction of outdoor structure that provides a covered area adjacent to a house or in a garden.

It is typically used as an extension of the living space or as a sheltered area to enjoy being outside regardless of the weather.

Aluminium Garden Veranda

An Aluminium Garden Veranda is a structure made primarily of aluminium that is designed to provide shelter and outdoor area in a garden or backyard.

It typically consists of a sturdy aluminium frame that supports a roof and may have optional features like walls or screens.

Wooden Garden Veranda

A wooden garden veranda is a structure typically made of wood that is designed to provide an outdoor living space in a garden or backyard.

It serves as a covered or partially covered area that allows people to enjoy the outdoors while being protected from the sun, rain, or other elements.

Garden Veranda Costs

The cost of a Garden veranda can vary between £5000-£6000.

This price variation can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, the size of the veranda plays a crucial role in determining the cost.

A larger veranda requires more materials and potentially more complex construction, thereby increasing the price.

Common materials for garden verandas include wood, metal, and glass, each varying in price and durability.

What Influences The Cost of Garden Verandas?

The cost of garden verandas can vary widely depending on several factors

  • Size and Design
  • Materials
  • Location and site preparation
  • Labour and Installation
  • Customisation
  • Permits and Regulations

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Benefits of a Garden Veranda

A garden veranda can be a wonderful addition to your outdoor living space, offering various benefits that enhance your overall lifestyle and enjoyment of your home.

Here are some of the key benefits of having a garden veranda:

Shelter from the Elements

A garden veranda protects from the sun, rain, and other weather conditions.

It allows you to enjoy your garden or outdoor space even when the weather isn’t ideal, extending the usability of your outdoor area throughout the whole year.

A veranda provides a great space for hosting social events. Whether it’s a family barbecue or a quiet evening with friends, this sheltered outdoor area can be the perfect setting.

Outdoor Entertaining

With a garden veranda, you can host gatherings and entertain guests in a comfortable and shaded outdoor environment.

It’s a perfect spot for barbecues, dinner parties, or simply relaxing with friends and family.

A veranda can be equipped with entertainment features like sound systems, televisions, or comfortable seating, making it an ideal spot for leisure and entertainment.

Increased Property Value

A well-designed garden veranda can add value to your home.

Potential buyers often see outdoor living spaces as desirable features, making your property more appealing on the real estate market.

It enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home and offers a functional outdoor space, which is often attractive to potential buyers.

Our Veranda Services

We have two main veranda services on offer, these include:

Veranda Installation

Our team will determine the location, size, and design of the veranda, considering a range of factors like the available space, architectural style, and intended use.

The goal is to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment.

It’s important to ensure that all materials are weather-resistant and the construction complies with local building codes

Veranda Replacement

Veranda replacement refers to the process of replacing or renovating a veranda.

A veranda is a roofed, open-air structure often attached to the front or back of a house, typically with a roof and columns, and is used as an outdoor living space.

Veranda replacement can involve various aspects such as replacing the roofing materials, updating the columns or supports, improving the flooring, or giving the entire structure a fresh look.

Factors to Consider Before Having a Veranda Installed

Before you have a veranda installed there are a few factors you will need to consider:

Planning Permission

Check with your local authorities to understand any permits or building regulations that may apply to your veranda installation.

In many places, garden verandas may fall under ‘permitted development rights,’ which allow homeowners to make certain types of minor changes to their property without needing to apply for planning permission.

Remember, failing to obtain the necessary permissions could result in you having to modify or even remove the structure at a later date, so it’s always better to check before you start building.

Outdoor Space

Ideally, the veranda should be situated to offer a scenic view of your garden and receive adequate sunlight.

Consider the orientation for optimal sunlight exposure, especially if you plan to include plants or a small garden on the veranda itself.

Depending on your climate, you might need a covering for your veranda. This could be a permanent roof structure or something flexible like retractable awnings or pergolas with climbing plants for natural shade.

Remember, the key to a successful garden veranda is creating a balance between functionality and aesthetics while ensuring it complements the style of your home and garden.

Veranda Material

Common choices include wood, polycarbonate, metal, or vinyl for the frame and a variety of options for the roofing and flooring, such as glass, polycarbonate, or concrete pavers.

Each material has its own set of pros and cons, and the best choice depends on your specific needs, budget, and aesthetic preferences.

It’s also important to consider the climate in your area as some materials perform better in certain weather conditions than others.

What is a Garden Veranda?

A garden veranda is a structure or outdoor space typically attached to a house or located in a garden or backyard.

It serves as a transitional area between the indoor and outdoor living spaces and is designed for relaxation, entertainment, or enjoying the surrounding natural environment.

Garden verandas are often covered or partially enclosed to provide shelter from the elements, allowing people to enjoy the outdoors while being protected from rain, sun, or wind.

Garden Verandas Vs Conservatories

Garden verandas and conservatories are both popular additions to homes that provide opportunities to enjoy the outdoors while remaining protected from the elements.

However, they have distinct differences in terms of design, function, and purpose.

Garden Verandas

A garden veranda is typically an open or semi-open structure with a roof supported by columns or posts.

Verandas are often more cost-effective compared to conservatories because they have simpler designs and fewer materials involved.

Verandas offer some protection but limited temperature control since they are mostly open or semi-open structures. They can be equipped with retractable awnings, shades, or fans for some climate control.

They generally require less maintenance than conservatories because they have fewer glass surfaces and structural elements. Regular cleaning and occasional maintenance of columns and roofing materials may be necessary.


A conservatory is a fully enclosed glass structure with walls and a roof made predominantly of glass or transparent materials.

Conservatories with extensive glass surfaces require more frequent cleaning to maintain their transparency. Additionally, you may need to check for potential leaks or structural issues over time.

It is designed to maximise natural light and create a space that feels like a part of the garden, offering unobstructed views of the outdoors.

Conservatories are generally more expensive due to the cost of high-quality glass, construction, and the need for climate control systems.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Verandas Safe?

Verandas, like any other part of a building or structure, can be safe when designed, constructed, and maintained properly.

Safety considerations for verandas include structural stability, materials used, and adherence to local building codes and regulations.

Overall, while there are inherent risks in any outdoor structure, a well-constructed and maintained veranda can be a safe and enjoyable addition to a home.

Are Verandas Child Friendly?

Ultimately, the child-friendliness of a veranda depends on how well it is designed, maintained, and used in conjunction with responsible adult supervision.

A well-designed veranda should have sturdy railings to prevent falls, especially if it’s elevated ailings should be of an appropriate height and designed in such a way that children cannot easily climb them or fit through any gaps.

With proper safety precautions, a veranda can be a wonderful outdoor space for children to enjoy while remaining safe.

Can Verandas Be Used All Year Round?

Verandas can be used throughout the year with the right design, climate considerations, and maintenance.

However, the extent to which you can use them comfortably in all seasons depends on your location and the measures you take to adapt them to changing weather conditions.

Moreover, with thoughtful decoration and lighting, it can be transformed into a delightful space that blends seamlessly with the indoors, ensuring its utility and charm throughout the year.


Garden verandas can be customised to suit various styles and preferences, offering a versatile space for activities like dining, reading, or socialising amidst the beauty of nature.

They blend indoor and outdoor living, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere in a garden setting.

Garden verandas are not only functional but also add aesthetic appeal to a property, enhancing its overall value and providing an ideal place to connect with nature and unwind.

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“I can’t recommend Garden Veranda highly enough. We recently had a garden veranda installed by their team, and the entire process was seamless and stress-free. Their designers worked closely with us to create a custom veranda design that perfectly complemented our home and garden. The installation crew was efficient, courteous, and skilled, and they completed the project to our full satisfaction. Our new garden veranda has become our favorite spot for outdoor gatherings and relaxation. Thank you, Garden Veranda, for your outstanding service and craftsmanship!”

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